An Adjustable DC power supply, also known as a variable DC power supply, is a power supply that allows users to regulate and customize the output voltage and current level. ETOMMENS adjustable DC power supply for sale is notable for its reliability, affordability, and practicality. Select from a variety of variable DC power supplies, each crafted to cater to distinct requirements.

Adjustable DC Power Supply

In numerous industries, our adjustable DC power supplies play a crucial role. They provide precise control in laboratories, ensure the reliability of electronic components during testing, maintain product quality in manufacturing, and support innovation in research and development. This versatility renders them essential for a broad range of applications.

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Programmable DC Power Supply Adjustable

The outstanding characteristic of the DC programmable power supply lies in its remarkable versatility and precision in controlling voltage and current outputs. Its programmable functionality enables users to finely customize power parameters, rendering it essential for applications such as testing electronic components, providing power to circuits, and conducting research.

The 3U Digital Tube Programmable DC Power Supply 30V (eTM-3050U), one of the best-selling models, is equipped with a clear LED display for effortless adjustments. This 30V DC variable power supply ensures safety through features such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. With remarkable precision, this power supply enables precise control. Additionally, its support for programmable settings enhances efficiency across various applications.

Programmable DC Power Supply Adjustable

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Bench DC Power Supply Adjustable

ETOMMENS benchtop power supply ensures steady voltage and current delivery to electronic circuits and devices. Its value lies in its flexibility, allowing for the production of variable voltages and currents from a singular source. Such versatility renders it a crucial instrument for numerous applications.

Our Mini Adjustable DC Bench Power Supply 30V 10A (eTM-3010MP) offers precise control through a 4-digit LED display, ideal for diverse applications. This DC power supply variable 30V 10A efficiently caters to device charging with built-in USB quick charging. Remote control support allows convenient operation from a distance, and the power supply ensures reliable and safe operation with overcurrent and overvoltage protection. Don’t miss out this excellent bench power supply for your applications!

Bench DC Power Supply Adjustable

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High Voltage DC Power Supply Adjustable

Variable high voltage DC power supply elevates input voltage for various applications, crucial in research settings like mass spectrometry, electron microscopes, and space science experiments. These instruments demand robust electric fields for electron control and detection, making high voltage indispensable. Opt for a high voltage power supply when such elevated voltage is needed for optimal performance.

Experience superior performance with the 4-Kob Adjustable High Voltage Power Supply 800V 5A (eTM-8005). This 5A variable power supply delivers unparalleled stability, effortlessly transitioning between Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) modes. The intelligent fan cooling system ensures quiet and optimal temperature control. Coupled with robust safety features, this DC high voltage power supply ensures the safety of usage.

High Voltage DC Power Supply Adjustable
High Voltage DC Power Supply Adjustable

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High Precision DC Power Supply Adjustable

High precision power supplies excel in accuracy and regulation for both voltage and current. Tailored for demanding applications, it guarantees minimal fluctuations, ensuring a stable output. Essential for tasks with meticulous electrical parameters, it stands as a pinnacle of accuracy and reliability in both voltage and current delivery across various settings.

ETOMMENS High Precision 30V 20A DC Power Supply (eTM-K3020SPL+) showcases a 6-Digit Color Screen for clear monitoring and supports remote control for operational convenience. Achieving 0.1mV and 0.1mA high resolution ensures meticulous voltage and current adjustments. With excellent heat dissipation, this 30V 20A DC power supply guarantees optimal performance in challenging conditions. Experience unparalleled accuracy and control with our high precision DC power supply.

High Precision DC Power Supply Adjustable

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ETOMMENS is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in professional DC power supplies. Our services include custom variable DC power supply, offering variable DC power supply OEM/ODM solutions, and providing DC power supply wholesale/agency options. Our expert engineering team is committed to delivering high-quality variable DC power solutions tailored to meet and exceed your specific requirements. If you need more details regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We anticipate the chance to work together with you.

Top-Selling Adjustable DC Power Supply Models For Sale

Invest in an ETOMMENS high-quality adjustable voltage power supply to ensure superior performance, delivering reliable and efficient power for all your applications. We offer a range of variable power supplies, providing reliability, affordability, and practicality for diverse applications. Discover our top-selling DC power supply variable models, including

Shop the perfect DC power supply adjustable that suits your specific requirements.

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