1200W DC Power Supplies

ETOMMENS 1200W bench DC power supply delivers outstanding performance, precision, and reliability, making it perfect for a range of applications in laboratories, industry, and research that require stable power output. To further enhance its capabilities, our 1200W DC power supply incorporates several advanced features:

  • Precise Encoder Adjustment Knob: Features a precise encoder knob, allowing for accurate setting of voltage and current values with exceptional resolution.
  • Low Noise & Low Ripple: Our benchtop power supply delivers low noise and low ripple output, ensuring stable and clean power delivery for sensitive applications.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control Fan: The intelligent fan cooling system is integrated into the power supply, ensuring optimal cooling and efficient heat dissipation, even under demanding load conditions.
  • Auto Switch C.C/C.V Mode: The DC bench power supply automatically switches between Constant Current (C.C) and Constant Voltage (C.V) modes, providing stable power delivery for a wide range of applications.