Variable DC Power Supply 60V

Our 60V variable DC power supply, a versatile and reliable benchtop power supply, comes equipped with a broad array of features and capabilities. Designed to deliver a stable and adjustable DC voltage output that ranges from 0 to 60V, here are some of its key features:

Stable Output: Intelligent temperature-controlled fan cooling ensures long-term stable output, meeting high-precision testing requirements.

Auto CV and CC Mode: Automatically transitions between Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) modes in response to load variations.

Multiple Safety Protections: Short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and grounding protection.

Multi-Scenario Applications: Suitable for maintenance testing, research and development experiments, mobile phone repair, laboratory testing, and more.

ETOMMENS 60V variable DC bench power supply offers a combination of precision, versatility, and safety features, making it an ideal choice for various applications in electronics, research, and industrial settings.