eTM-DM-HHH, Triple Output Bench DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-2A with 4-Digits Display, CV/CC Mode Automatic Conversion, RS232/485/USB (Optional) Port

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Composed of 3 groups of adjustable modular power supplies,Can be matched with 3 groups of different voltage and current,Improve research efficiency
Four position LED displays voltage, current, outputpower and equivalent impedance intuitively
Encoding switch digital control output value,convenient and durable
Equipped with short, overvoltage, overcurrent,and reverse polarity protectio
one key control of output on-off
Standard configuration of RS232, RS485, and USBserial communication,supporting MODBUS RTUprotocol, achieving automated control
Standard Configuration: Power cord, Certificate of Compliance, 3 clamp wires, 3-in-1 communication ports (RS232, RS485, USB), AC voltage 220V (optional 110V).
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