Variable DC Power Supply 30V 20A

Our 30V 20A Variable DC Power Supply is a DC bench power supply. This stable, high-quality benchtop power supply features an adjustable output range of 0-30V and 0-20A. Additionally, the power supply includes multiple safety protections, such as:

Overload Protection: When output power exceeds rated value, power supply auto cuts off to prevent damage to internal components.

Over-Temperature Protection: Equipped with temp sensor, auto cuts off output when internal temp is too high.

Over-Voltage Protection: Auto cuts off output in case of abnormal voltage increase to prevent load damage.

Over-Current Protection: Auto limits/cuts off output current if it exceeds set value to prevent damage.

Short Circuit Protection: Auto limits output current to prevent burning in case of terminal short circuit.

Intelligent Temperature-Controlled Fan: Adjusts fan speed based on internal temp for efficient heat dissipation, and reduced noise.

These protection features ensure the safe and reliable operation of our 30V 20A variable bench DC power supplies in various working environments, minimizing damage caused by overload, short circuit, overheating, etc.

Original price was: $ 999.99.Current price is: $ 508.00.