When it comes to powering high voltage applications like scientific research, industrial production, or medical equipment, having a reliable 800V DC high voltage power supply is crucial. These applications require a steady stream of high voltage to function optimally. Choosing the best 800V high voltage variable DC power supply ensures precise control, exceptional stability, and excellent performance in even the most demanding scientific and industrial settings.

What Is An 800V High Voltage Power Supply?

An 800V high voltage power supply is a specialized device that converts standard AC or DC input into a regulated high-voltage DC output of 800 volts. These high voltage DC power supplies are engineered to deliver stable, precise, and reliable high voltage for applications. They ensure that electrical systems can operate efficiently and safely, handling higher voltages than typical DC power supplies.

Who Manufactures High Voltage Power Supplies?

There are several manufacturers on the market that specialize in high voltage power supplies. Brands like ETOMMENS, TEKTRONIX, and INSTEK offer specialized 800V high voltage DC power supplies for demanding applications. While KEYSIGHT, XP POWER, BK PRECISION, and MATSUSADA PRECISION may not provide 800V models, they still produce other high-quality high voltage DC power supplies, catering to a broad range of needs in the industry.


Choosing the best 800V DC power supply involves comparing top models from renowned manufacturers. We look at ETOMMENS ETM-8006, TEKTRONIX 2260B-800-2, and INSTEK PSW 800-2.88, exploring their unique features and capabilities to determine which stands out in performance and reliability.

800V High Voltage Variable DC Power Supply

ETOMMENS ETM-8006 High Voltage Power Supply

The ETOMMENS ETM-8006 is a high-performance 800V high voltage bench DC power supply variable designed for a wide range of applications requiring stable and precise voltage control. It offers a range of advanced features:

  • Coarse & Fine Coding Knob – Allows for meticulous adjustments of voltage and current settings, providing users with the ability to achieve highly precise outputs.
  • Output Switch Control – This feature gives users the power to easily switch the output on and off, enhancing the flexibility and safety of operations.
  • CV & CC Mode Automatic Conversion – The power supply automatically switches between Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) modes depending on the load, ensuring optimal performance under varying conditions.
  • Multiple Security Protection – It includes various safety features such as over-voltage, over-current, over-power, short circuit, and over-temperature protection to safeguard both the power supply and the connected devices from potential damage.
  • Low Ripple & Low Noise – Engineered to minimize electrical noise and ripple, making it ideal for sensitive applications where clean power is crucial.

TEKTRONIX 2260B-800-2 DC High Voltage Power Supply

The KEITHLEY (TEKTRONIX) 2260B-800-2 is a high voltage programmable power supply that offers high precision and stability for demanding applications. It features programmable voltage or current rise and fall times, safeguarding low impedance loads from damage due to inrush current. This functionality enhances reliability and extends the lifespan of connected components.

INSTEK PSW 800-2.88 High Voltage Power Supply

The INSTEK PSW 800-2.88 is a high voltage switching power supply designed for critical high-voltage applications. It features a multi-range capability, allowing flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within its rated power range. This adaptability makes it ideal for a wide array of testing and application needs.

Best 800V High Voltage DC Power Supply Overall: ETOMMENS ETM-8006

The ETOMMENS ETM-8006 stands out primarily due to its competitive pricing. It offers advanced features at a more cost-effective price, making it the first choice for budget-conscious buyers looking for high-quality performance without the high price tag.

Another notable advantage of the ETM-8006 is its high output power. This power supply can deliver a maximum output power of 4800W, surpassing the capabilities of the TEKTRONIX and INSTEK models. This makes it especially suitable for tasks requiring substantial power, such as testing larger or more power-intensive devices.

The inclusion of dual encoder knobs on the ETM-8006 high voltage DC variable power supply significantly enhances user control and precision. These knobs allow for fine adjustments of both voltage and current settings, providing an intuitive and responsive interface that improves the overall user experience and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the ETM-8006 800V power supply features exceptionally low ripple noise, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of sensitive measurements and tests. This low ripple noise ensures that the power supply does not introduce interference that could skew the results, making it ideal for high-precision electronic testing and research.


Among 800V high voltage power supplies, the ETOMMENS ETM-8006 emerges as the superior choice with its higher output power, coarse/fine coding knob, and exceptionally low ripple and noise. While the TEKTRONIX 2260B-800-2 and INSTEK PSW 800-2.88 are capable, the ETM-8006 outperforms with its affordable price and excellent features.

In addition to the 800V high voltage DC power supply, ETOMMENS offers a variety of options including 200V, 220V, 250V, 300V, 400V, 500V, and 600V. Explore our extensive product lineup to find the perfect high voltage DC power supply variable to meet your specific requirements.

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