Tektronix is one of the leading manufacturers of DC variable power supply solutions, known for their reliability and performance. This article explores detailed reviews of Tektronix DC power supplies and potential alternatives for those seeking an affordable variable DC power source.

What Is Tektronix

Tektronix is a renowned supplier of test and measurement solutions, offering high-quality instruments for various industries. Known for innovation and precision, Tektronix produces reliable variable DC power supplies, which are essential for electronics testing and development. Their DC power supplies are favored for their accuracy, durability, and user-friendly interfaces.

Reviews of Tektronix Variable DC Power Supply

Tektronix offers a range of variable DC power supplies, with the Series 2200 Programmable Power Supply being among its best-selling products, known for their precision and reliability in power supply solutions.

Tektronix Variable DC Programmable Power Supply

The Series 2200 variable voltage power supply encompasses a wide range of voltage outputs, addressing the testing and characterization needs of components, circuits, modules, and complete devices across diverse settings such as research laboratories, design and development, and production testing.

Featuring five models with output voltages spanning from 20V to 72V and power capacities of 86W, 96W, 100W, and 150W, these variable power supplies serve as versatile tools capable of operating as constant current and constant voltage sources.

Their superior performance, versatility, and user-friendly design ensure the efficient acquisition of high-quality test data, whether integrated into automated test systems or utilized in manual instrument configurations, maintaining consistent effectiveness.

Alternatives To Tektronix DC Variable Power Supply

Due to the relatively high price of Tektronix DC power supplies, we have listed some reliable alternatives from other manufacturers. You can choose from these brands to find a DC power supply that fits your needs. Here are some well-known DC power supply brands in the market.


ETOMMENS ETM-K8011SPL programmable DC power supply is an excellent alternative to the Tektronix Series 2200. It offers a versatile range of voltage outputs and high precision, making it ideal for various testing applications. Key advantages include its user-friendly interface, high resolution, multiple safety protection and advanced programming capabilities. Our variable DC power supply ensures accurate and reliable performance at a more affordable price point, providing exceptional value for both research and production environments.


BK PRECISION 9201B DC programmable power supply also serves as a strong alternative to the Tektronix Series 2200. It features precise voltage and current control, suitable for both research and development field use. Highlights of the 9201B DC power supply include its high accuracy, output timer function, and remote sense. Offering reliable performance, it is an excellent, budget-friendly choice for professionals requiring quality power supply solutions.

Other Famous Brands of DC power supply Variable

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